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Supercharge your supply chain

Harness the biggest asset in your supply chain

The biggest asset you have to work with in improving the performance of your supply chain is the knowledge, experience and inventiveness of the people in it - their 'collective intelligence' (CI).

Some of them you know. Many of them you won't. But they all have a vested interest in your business succeeding.

How can you capture value from those that you know?

How can you build new relationships with those that you don't?

These are the sorts of challenges that we help you build strategic campaigns to address.

Focus on everyone's needs

Once the people in your supply chain realise that you're interested in their needs as well - because their success is your success - that's when you achieve true collaboration and cooperation.

Process innovation

See each other's business and needs from a different perspective.

Product innovation

Current or new suppliers may have capabilities and products that could help your business - and vice versa.


Cost reduction

Suppliers may see different ways of doing things (outsourcing for example), or provide or know of different products and services that could reduce everyone's costs

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Being part of the CSP-HYPE ecosystem means you get to stand on the shoulders of giants - best practices that have emerged through 250 global brands who have led the way in supply chain performance optimisation, some of them for over 20 years.

One of them has 250 inventors who submit 3,000 ideas, 2% of which get turned into 60 new products - every year.

Another one invites 200 strategic suppliers to submit cost cutting ideas. 10% of these usually get implemented and deliver 5% in cost savings - every year.

Another one focuses on building deeper relationships with key suppliers through global campaigns that identify around 100 new concepts - every year.

Another one engages hundreds of their suppliers and customers in continuously improving  their products - every year.

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