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An automated modern slavery compliance solution for business that addresses the global problem

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SlaveCheck is a globally scalable SaaS profit-for-purpose solution which simplifies and automates modern slavery compliance for business while supporting the Modern Slavery Stakeholder Community with the necessary technologies, data, AI and training - at no cost - to address identified shortcomings in global efforts to eliminate modern slavery.

Eliminating modern slavery will require a coordinated, collaborative global effort


Governments need to lead the elimination of modern slavery by enacting effective MS legislation, enforcing compliance, and addressing any in-country human rights issues as they emerge.


Business need to diligently comply with modern slavery legislation, ensure their processes are ‘best practise’ in identifying and avoiding MS, and support the implementation of solutions in their supply chains.


Civil Society Organisations (NGOs, unions, human rights groups etc) need to provide in-field intelligence; guide solution design and implementation; influence business and government and hold them to account; and maintain in-field slavery checks and balances.


End-consumers, who create the demand for goods produced by slaves, have perhaps the most crucial role to play in being informed, demanding ‘slave-free’ products, and holding brands and retailers to account.


 Sovereign wealth funds, ethical investors and socially-conscious consumers can exert powerful influence in supply chains by using slavery transparency as a requirement to invest or buy.

The Solution enabler

SlaveCheck was designed as a solution enabler to coordinate the systematic elimination of modern slavery.


There are two parts to the solution:

1. SlaveCheck generates profits from businesses using its SaaS platform to simplify and automate mandatory modern slavery compliance.

2. SlaveCheck reinvests profits into providing a range of SaaS technologies, apps and support at no cost to NGOs and other modern slavery solution stakeholders to enable them to lead, coordinate and manage the global collaborations necessary to eliminate modern slavery.

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The Modern Slavery Stakeholder Community

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