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SaaS solutions for harnessing
collective intelligence
for the big modern-day challenges faced by business, government
and civil society

Sustainability    Social problems    Crisis management    Innovation   Growth   Efficiency   Change

What is CI
The biggest asset you have to work with in addressing challenges, solving problems or improving performance is the knowledge, experience and inventiveness of the people involved - their 'collective intelligence'.

CSP supports business, government and civil society with solutions for engaging large (or small) groups of dispersed people to work together and systematically address big, complex challenges or drive change, efficiency and growth.

What is collective intelligence?

Collective intelligence exists in nature. Bees, colonies of ants, schools of fish, flocks of birds, fireflies flashing synchronously - are all examples of remarkable, coordinated behaviors that emerge from collective, decentralised intelligence.

In today’s connected world - where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prominent - a new type of 'collective intelligence' (CI) has emerged, generated through large, interconnected and organised groups of people and computers working alongside each other.

CI has been scientifically proven to achieve superior outcomes to challenges compared to solutions designed by an individual or centralised leadership. [source]

How can CI

How can CI be 'harnessed'?

Nature's self-organizing social processes - evident in birds, ants, fish and bees - have remarkable similarities and share four common principles - coordination, cooperation, contemplation and collaboration. [source]

These '4Cs' is what makes nature's CI suitable for adaptation to group human behaviour and decision making, or 'human CI'.

The HYPE 'collective intelligence' solution combines the 4Cs into a flexible, managed workflow that can be customised to address virtually any problem, challenge or strategic objective.


About CSP

CSP continues a 30-year heritage of applying technology to solve system-level problems for business, government and civil society which began when Tim Murray founded Infrastructure Control Services (ICS) in 1990. Over the next decade, ICS grew to over 200 people and completed projects in 33 countries before listing on the ASX as ICSGlobal Ltd in 1999. Tim remained CEO of ICSGlobal for a further decade, pioneering the medical banking clearinghouse called Thelma. He acquired the London Patient Billing Service in 2007 as a UK beachhead, renamed LPBS to Medical Billing & Collection, put a new management team in place and by 2010 MBC was UK’s No.1 medical billing service provider to the independent healthcare sector.

Tim left ICS in 2010 and founded CSP. Together with our technology partner HYPE Innovation, we continue the heritage of supporting business, government and civil society with the right technology, processes and support to harness your greatest asset - the knowledge, experience and inventiveness of your people - and systematically channel this 'collective intelligence' into superior solutions to big, complex, modern-day challenges.

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